as a gay man, how does one go about acting as straight?

18 Oct

just be who you are. being gay is not the only or even main thing about who you are afterall. I would have to point out however I disagree there is such a thing as “straight-acting” because unless that is a politically correct way of saying “in the closet”, it would appear to associate a certain set of behaviour (other than which gender you prefer) with a certain orientation… which is nonsense of course, because personality, whether one is masculine feminine or androygene, dominant submissive or neutral, all are independent of gender, sex or orientation.

masculine, feminine: can be looks or behaviours that have been traditionally associated to a gender or sex due to the limited insights of past societies, which are actually in themselves just arbitary sets of behaviours or superficial looks. androygene is basically a set of behaviour or looks that fall between masculine and feminine and cannot be classed either way.

dominant and submissive: indicates a person’s natural bearing, or alpha-status relative to others around them and society, whether one is more predisposed to be in control or follow. neutral refers to the people who generally fall in between and are not particularly prone to try to be in control or to follow all the time.

i think your idea of “straight-acting” for a guy, is one who is masculine and dominant. Of course the thing is we have allowed ourselves to automatically equate “straight” to “alpha male” from a period of human history when survival of thespecies was not a 100% guarentee. Truth is, there are straight guys who’re submissive and feminine, but who are male, and identify as guys nontheless… so how they act is considered “straight-acting” too. If anything, the fundamental truth about how to define “straight-acting” is simply ANY set of behaviours displayed by a straight person, and that includes both guys and girls… so how would one go about defining what is “straight-acting”?

my advise is to just be who you are and tell society to go fuck itself.

– Emily


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