As a gay man, how does one go about acting as straight?

18 Oct

Your life isn’t one dimensional. I think there isn’t a need to act straight; maybe just play down the gay bit and focus on the qualities you have?

How does one play down the gay bit?
What I’m saying is that you have so many identities… A son, a friend, a colleague etc. If you know what it means to be those, you can focus on being a good one and the gay part won’t be the main focus. There isn’t always a need to be a good -gay- friend, is there?
It sounds as if you’re saying one should put others first.

The world doesn’t revolve around an individual. There are things bigger than ourselves out there

Indeed there’re bigger things out there. But the world is made up of individuals. If you put others first all the time, won’t you loose your individuality? Would the world be really a better place when that happen?
I don’t mean to be brusque but i think only a person who is secure in himself can put others first
Without fearing he’ll lose himself

Going back to the topic, can one put the gay or straight away? When one is the son, friend, colleague, etc, won’t all that be influence/inform by one’s gayness or straightness?

Does it really? I think it is influenced by ones values like love. We are not very much different from straight people… Except the fact that we like people of the same sexuality

But are there differences?

Between what?

Gay love and straight love?

Love is love. I think the problem is that people (regardless of their sexuality) cannot differentiate love and lust

– Charlene


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