Is there a standard of masculinity? If so, what is it?

18 Oct

The hunter and conqueror: tall, broad-shouldered, a hard chiselled face, facial and body hair, bulging muscles (exaggerates effeminacy in Mary types though), physical strength or the illusion of it, sporty, competitive, a voracious sexual appetite, a high partner count, a sizeable appendage, the ability to control erection and ejaculation, Dominant, sexually top, does not enjoy being touched in “feminizing ways” or have “womanly” desires of being overpowered

Also, the breadwinner and provider: virile, fathers children, makes a good living, most likely educated and privileged, leader with many male and female subordinates, generally upper-middle-class, stoic, only expressing anger and violence, has the means of keeping a gorgeous passive submissive trophy wife or husband that looks up to him and does all the household chores

– Grace


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