What does straight-acting mean?

18 Oct

Why ask me ? I’m neither straight nor acting .

I’m asking for your opinion

A self perceived ideal of a heterosexual persona that a person adopts in order to hide one’s insecurities of their own mannerism, behaviour and sexual preference. Mostly for the purpose of making themselves inconspicuous, less attention grabbing or sometimes in the contrary, more desirable as according to the general perception of how a conventional heterosexual person should behave.

What is your opinion when someone asks of his partner to be straight-acting?
 expectation of a potential partner or an actual partner ?
Potential. But good if you can give opinion on actual partner as well.

for potential, it basically means that person do not like what he sees , so wants to change his potential partner to the person’s ideal preference. Unless you are going to get paid handsomely to put on this perpetual facade , it’s not worth the effort to even begin with. People suppose to like you and want you for who and what you are and not mold you into something else.

actual partner , I would take it as the couple has already been together for sometime and what’s keeping them together is what they like about each other. If not , most likely it might just be like I’ve mentioned previously, then they might need to rethink why they are together in the first place. Unless one of them is totally willing to “change” for the partner to start with and feels that it’s worth it , then by all means.

so it hinges on whether the parties like each other?

But if it’s for some social or family settings that means either your partner might be ostracized , pressured unnecessarily , bear the risk of being fired or disowned , loose a business deal becos of some homophobic client etc , some play acting might be necessary . This might be a necessity in the so called “adult world” . Then perhaps acting straight might be required for realistic purposes. But the person should never have put the other partner in such a situation to start with if possible. But there should be a limit as how far it goes.

It’s more like it hinges on how much each party like about each other enough for them to change bits of themselves for whatever reason or occasion. but there’s a limit as in how far it should go.

it’s very tiring living a lifestyle that could seem so “unnatural “. I would go mad if you were to ask me to watch soccer and drink beer with a bunch of straight men too often.

– James


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