What does straight-acting mean?

18 Oct

Acting like a straight? Maybe..

How does one act as a straight?
act like we’re not gay with sissy gay stereotype, maybe..
Well, for me. Straight act is not like a denial gay. They just be theirself as a men who likes men without losing their machoism attitude. And that’s HOT. Hehehe. Being gay doesnt mean we havr to become a girly guy, that’s what the common straight stereotyping the gay ppl. And yes, for me “sissy” is not the basic form of gay attitude.Once-twice someone called me pretentious with this mustache, tattoo n boots, “come on stop act like a hardcore rockers, you’re gay, be a gay!” and that’s come from a sissy gay friend of mine. I got pissed of and tell him calmly “I am gay, but You are not the representative of all gay in the world, just be yourself, and I’ll be myself”.Well, that’s what i feel about straight-act or in my dictionary i call it “butchy”

Do you consider your sissy friend also straight act since he’s also being himself?
No. Straight act i think basic attitude of normal behaviour. Man as man. Woman as woman. Not man who act like woma. Or woman who act like man.
Sissy act is consider queer act. Anomali act maybe. Is beyond “normal”
Queer act is beyond straight act. And straight act is part of all act inside queer act.
– Alam

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