what is societal standards of masculinity?

18 Oct

To be fair, the standard of masculinity is such that practically every man comes up short… I would imagine that gay men in particular are going to feel more inadequate.

Why gay men in particular?

Err, if straight-acting includes being a top, how does it work when a straight-acting advertises for other straight-acting?

Because heterosexuality is generally accepted as part of the hegemonic masculinity (straight, cisgender, educated, White, sexual, privileged and powerful) that other types of masculinities (butch female masculinity, working-class masculinity, non-White masculinity, gay male masculinity) are seen as inferior to.

As for your other question, I am inclined to believe that some men simply use “straight-acting” interchangeably with “not effeminate” while many others get a kick out of dominating or topping another “manly man” – what can possibly be more “manly” than that? As a femme who adores butch bottoms, I am sure I can’t be the only one who finds the power and contrast of someone much bigger, stronger and regarded as more powerful submitting to you, whether voluntarily or after a mock-struggle hot! (I don’t consider myself manly in the slightest, though!)


– Grace


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