In your opinion, what is straight-acting? Is there a standard of masculinity, and if so, what is it?

19 Oct

Straight-acting is acting macho. Society thinks being manly means: 1. talking in monotone like Chuck Norris, 2. not showing emotions, 3. muscular, 4. not engaging in activities considered feminine (ie. liking romance movies). Str8 acting means to behave in a manner that one thinks is masculine. Often, ‘feminine’ is also associated with ‘weak’.

Standard of masculinity changes with culture and time. In the past, even talking about anything on relationships would be considered ‘weak’ or ‘feminine’. Pink was considered a masculine colour until recent decades in America. Now, some people buy into the macho-man action movie type of musculine, but even that changes from one generation to another – Stallone and Arnie gave way to McGreggor and Brad Pitt. Now, girls worship a kind of androgyny in Justin Bieber and Shinee. Boys actively scorn Bieber and Shinee to display their ‘masculinity’.

– Otto


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