“There are plenty of gay men and women that cannot be identified with ‘gaydar.” Do you agree, or disagree? Why?

20 Oct

oh i totally agree. problem with most gaydars is that they are tweaked to scan for stereotypes and caricatures of what is gay or is not gay. there are many gay men and women who live life as a person first, and not as a gay person.

Please explain “live life as a person first, not as a gay person”

not being bogged down by society’s notion of the gay identity/lifestyle, but simply living life. some gaydars are able to recognise this though.

What do you mean by society’s notion of the gay identity/life style?

(Clubbing, gyming, drugs and sex – Vivus)

i think i have explained this in my first comment. i can’t explain it enough. society is so diverse in it’s very make-up, as we all know, it has collective notions. it also has conflicting notions, as we break society down to the various constantly shifting communities and sub-communities within society. there are gay men and women who see themselves belonging to the gay community. there are also many gay men and women who separate themselves from this community for many reasons. there are gay men and women who are comfortable with their homosexuality, but yet this comfort somehow do not register with the gaydars of various communities within society. i’m curious myself why gaydars are unable to detect such persons, at the same time no gaydar is effective. i’m also curious why you post this question in your status, seriously. ๐Ÿ™‚

I posted the question because I want to understand other perspectives.
What are society’s collective notion?

(society’s collective notion = stereotypes, visions, urdoxa – Jun)

Examples, please.

gay=paedophilia, gay=effeminate, gay=rich, gay=promiscuous etc. – Jun

it’s an interesting topic. thing is at the same time, the gaydar, like other radars, are built with the purpose to seek and to detect. on thinking of your status here, at the same time it should be asked how the radar – gaydar is used by different persons. in my experience as a “conscious person” all these while ๐Ÿ˜› what i have learnt and discovered is that re the gaydar specifically, some use it to out others, some use it to seek for personal needs, some use it to protect self and/or to protect the person/others, and some use it to help map their personal journey in a discriminating society.

– Bird



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