Is str8 looking a common term?

31 Oct

It’s used by insecure homos who are so scared of being gay or of their mummies finding out they are gay that they only want to be seen with someone whom they believe cannot be mistaken for gay as defined by other ignoramuses.

You’re all missing the point that it is OFFENSIVE. Would a Chinese person claim to be “Caucasian-acting”?

some Chinese do speak of looking Caucasian-like (fair-skinned, round eyes, higher nose bridge) as a matter of pride

That’s just as stupid as “straight-acting”. Sad insecurities preventing being ok with who one is.

Is it purely insecurity? Or homophobia? That’s part of what I intend to find out

Read my original comment.

(Of course it is offensive, yet it is not at all uncommon for people to lie about their ethnicity online too, particularly for non-Chinese Singaporeans. So much so that the “No Indians” you see in so many profiles now becomes “No Indian-looking” and “No dark-skinned”. – Grace)


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