on Rock Hudson

5 Jan

I suppose it’s in order for me to back track a little and talk about why I chose Rock Hudson as the face (so to speak) of my straight acting series.

Rock who? Some of you may ask.

Rok Hudson was an American film and TV actor, recognized as THE romantic leading man during the 1950s and 1960s. He died in 1985 from Aids-related illnesses.

The hairpin has a very good write-up that explains the allure of Hudson, amongst other things:

“Imagine a man built like a tank: 6′ 5” frame, barrel chest, square jaw.  This man speaks with a low voice, sports a full set of hair, and tantalizes his female fans with his persistent bachelorhood. 

But this man is also skilled dancer, a masterful flirt, and the consummate gentleman. He plays sensitive characters who aren’t cry-babies but who feel so many emotions, and his outfits are always coordinated, whether they’re three-piece suits or a flannel work shirts and jeans.

This man was the perfect projection of what women of the 1950s and ‘60s thought they wanted when they fell asleep at night.”
Is that what women (and gay men) of today want of their man (or men)?
Anyway, going back to the topic in hand, again quoting The Hairpin:
It wasn’t just that Hudson played “straight” roles onscreen.  He (and the gossip machines) had presented the “real” Hudson, the non-acting Hudson, as a paragon of masculine heterosexuality.”

The ultimate in straight acting, in other words.


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