tranSport – collaboration between Madrid and Singapore

1 Jun

[E.G+Y.M] + rainbowartsproject
Madrid + Singapore

TranSport intends to use the creative process in order to produce an imaginary different to the one prevailing in the sports world.

Starting with bodies and realities not included in the media images, we will articulate a new imaginary – deconstructing and subverting the highly stereotyped bodies and roles that shape our representations of sport and athletes.

Ultimately, the aim of the project is to exhibit the image collection simultaneously in Madrid and Singapore.

DOWNLOAD BRIEF: TranSport dossier_eng

The project will take the form of periodical research where [E.G+Y.M] and RAP will be compiling and looking into the alternative representations of sports in Madrid and Singapore, as two cities respectively. Research in Singapore will be conducted starting in June 2012 and materials will be compiled in October 2012* in preparation for a simultaneous presentation in December 2012 in both Madrid and Singapore.

*Materials will be compiled in October 2012 but artists are expected to continue the exploration until the exhibition in December 2012.

RAP will be approaching this collaboration through RAP? section. Artists are required to commit to a 6 months exploration (June-December) and post their materials (research, development and outcome) in the blog.

Participating artists:
Kelvin Atmadibrata
Lee Gwo Yinn
Malvina Tan
Marla Bendini

Check out RAP? blog at for updates

This project is a joint project of


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