RAP Questions? (beta) is a research-based projects focusing on queer culture. It allows artists to question and experiment on methods and presentations to answer his or her enquiries.

An artist will be given a period of 1 to 3 months to develop his or her work, beginning with a question that he or she has on the culture and ends with a potential answer or interpretations. The ‘resident’ artist is expected to document his or her process very closely in this blog, ranging from texts, research materials, interviews, video documentations, photographs, drawing, artifacts, etc. At the end of the project, the artist will be given a chance to present his or her research into an audience.

This research-based projects initiated by RAP is still in experimentation stage. It aims to push artists to experiment beyond their comfortable medium and looks into longer-term processes and enquiries. RAP will be aiding the process as much as we can while giving space and freedom for the artists to develop his or her works.




We are opening calls for project spots in 2013.

Please send your CV and project proposal to rainbowartsproject@gmail.com with your preferred working duration (1-3 months).



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