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Furbidden Love Attack Lampung!

29 May

Furbidden Love share their love at the tip of west Sumatra Island, Lampung province. Hugging at the timeless Laguna beach, in front of historical Vihara Thay Hin Bio (build 1850), be the witness of sunrise at Bakaheuni port, and many weird places around the Bandar Lampung city. Love is everywhere!

Location: Bakaheuni, Kalianda and Bandar Lampung, Lampung Province, Sumatra Indonesia.


Furbidden Love Attack Papua!

21 May

Furbidden Love finally touch the edge of east Indonesia, it takes 8 hours flight from Jakarta. Hugging everywhere from the motel bed, urinoir and even beautiful raw places like Sentani lake, Hamadi beach and Angkasa Highland.

Location: Jayapura, the capital city of West Papua province Indonesia.

Furbidden Love Attack Jakarta!

18 Apr

My Furbidden Love goes crazy in a real life. Not hiding, but love the hidden places for it’s exclusive desire.

Location: Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia.



It’s my furbidden love..

19 Mar

Once upon a time when I fall in lust with anything fur..

They said “I do” in a fetish way!

2 Mar

What is your fetish?

1 Mar

once upon a time, I ask my friends “What is your fetish?”

Oh, wow!

RAP? welcomes Alam

27 Feb

Lee Gwo Yinn’s project on Straight Acting is still going on hence you will find his new posts of his works and progresses in this blog! And do look up for his presentation which will be somewhere end of March!

Thank you Gwo Yinn!

While taking over Gwo Yinn, Alam Taslim from Indonesia will be exploring Fetish from March to May 2012! RAP welcomes Alam!


About Alam

Art has been in Alam’s blood by looking back at both of his parents being artists themselves. Alam then studied Industrial Product Design and since graduation, he has been working in the field of advertising.

Alam’s works are the result of him being caught under the enchantment of Japanese Bara manga-ka Gengoroh Tagame who elevates the beauty of the masculine figures. His recurring panda-bear character is inspired from what he believes to be his past-life.

Check out his blog here.

Check out his interview with RAP here.